Man, the cornerstone
of terroir

Man’s role here is hugely important

Terroir needs the attentions and sensitivity of human beings, who must satisfy its needs effectively without harming it, and even provide it with renewed life.

There is no greater satisfaction than to see earthworms wriggling in the soil and bees buzzing about searching for nectar.

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In this vein, the estate has taken on the services of a local beekeeper, who supplies us with delicious organic honey (acacia and all flower). Absolutely yummy!

The skilled hands and deft fingers of the vine growing crew have brought a ‘still life’ alive while carefully respecting both the raw material and Mother Nature.

With their minds and senses fully alert, they work as artists restoring a fresco, finding out what had been there, observing, listening and sensing; monitoring life in the sub-soil, understanding and feeling the energy of the material, whether wood, plaster, sand or clay.
As all these aspects merge into one, the estate has only to find its pure, original essence, while opening out to a new dawn in a modern era.

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