Agriculture goes back to nature

A new lease of life has been breathed into Château de L’Hospital.

Inter-planted vines to fill gaps in the vineyard, together with different soil management methods, have given the vineyard fresh vigour.

Compost to nourish the vines, lighter pruning, and the seeding of appropriate and controlled cover crops in the rows have helped the phoenix rise gradually from its ashes.

A sleeping beauty has thus awoken energised, having rediscovered its former élan and gradually found its full strength thanks to the helping hands of expert craftsmen and their unique savoir-faire in restoring each element of the property to its former glory.

As artists restoring a fresco, expert hands have slowly revealed a three centuries-old work of art.

From this newly irrigated and nourished land, a vineyard combining the wisdom of its old vines with the vigour of new plantations, has appeared.