A new lease of life for the vineyard

No weedkillers and no pesticides

Having completely stopped the use of weedkillers, pesticides and chemical fertilisers, as well as anti-botrytis preventive sprays, the present vineyard team has sought first and foremost to give legitimacy to the soil and to life in the sub-soil, based on a philosophy of sustainability.

Reducing the doses of copper and sulphur to ultimately recreate a clay-humus complex…

Human intervention is prioritized above all else, since our philosophy here is to be environmentally-aware, observing the lunar calendar and working in such a way that nature brings the necessary resources for the vines to flourish, helping to breathe life back into a vineyard that over the years had become a sleeping beauty.

Working the soils, using dusts for sprays, medicinal herbs and volcanic rocks...

Mint, valerian, meadowsweet, horsetails…these are the adjuvants spread over the L’Hospital vineyard by a duster.

Isotherapy (phytotherapy and homeopathy combined) has been introduced, aiming to strengthen the vine, making it capable of fighting off disease attacks.

Since 2015 the estate has been followed by the GETADE group.